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Poultry supply is our goal, from day old chicks to 22 weeks old.

We offer the following services:

  • Nationwide delivery of day old chicks to 22 weeks old;
  • Export of day old, 1 week and 2 weeks chicks;
  • Nationwide and export of fertilize eggs;
  • Incubator set;
  • Poultry equipment from small, medium and large scale

Characteristics of our chicken:

The chickens survive and produce on what nature can provide, with only a small amount of maintenance feed to boost production.

They withstand Africa’s varying climatic conditions and keep producing well in free-range conditions.

They have inbred hardiness, which helps them to withstand poultry diseases.

Cocks are strong, aggressive and have noble conformation. Hens are very fertile with strong, healthy offspring that grow well.

Egg production starts at 24 weeks.

Egg production per hen/week 4 eggs.

No expensive housing is needed to make a success of a poultry operation.

Cocks are ready for slaughter at 12 weeks old, depending on nutritional levels.

The meat has a good flavour.

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